My name is Chris Nicholosi, also known as Pops to my grandchildren. I started this journey trying to make buttermilk biscuits during a week off of work, a simple staple we have all enjoyed growing up. For years I’d heard my wife tell different stories about her mother's biscuits for certain meals and special occasions, as well as when hard times came. There were always biscuits. My wife had gone out of town for work so I thought, "Why not try to make some buttermilk biscuits?"  I also had a notion in my head about making bread from scratch. Well, I focused on the biscuits and by the third batch they were edible. Then, every batch after that seemed to get even better! Next, I tried my hand at making bread and what do you know... it came out great also! Not to mention I had the best smelling house on the block. After that there was no holding me back. I wanted to try baking everything. I experimented and tried everything I could think of: kolaches (fruity and savory), cinnamon rolls, sticky buns... so here I am today giving my business a try. It was a hobby that turned into a passion, and I assure you every crumb is made with love. My ultimate goal is to have a sub non-profit as well. We have a hospital here in Houston where children get a toy upon discharge, and I would like them to have a cookie made with love also! Future dreams. Thanks for stopping by and let us bake something awesome for you!


1020 Thunder Field Dr

Katy, TX 77493


Mon - Fri: 6am - 7pm

​​Sat - Sun: 8am - 8pm


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